Uliana was influenced by neuroscientist spectrogram, which shows data of brain's conflict while listening to changing sounds. Initial starting point was musical album “Emotional Oscillation” by Aube (1970) which is all about oscillational rhythm, from silence to electronic sound. I have researched how music - colour associations are mediated by emotions and found similarities with contemporary abstract art, for instance Sergey’s Bondarev expressionist paintings (2008) where he depicted burlesque models. I stated to compare the image of burlesque dancers in 30s and his paintings.

Experimentation with deconstruction and exaggeration of artist’s wardrobe, for example the main attributes like shirt, apron, extremely wide trousers, tail-coat with playful, decadence burlesque style, also looking at their key features, like chainmail, loops, suspender, underwear in order to create an atmosphere where the exposure of sound meets the burlesque dancing movement. Besides, her prints which express sounds dictates cut and shape for most of the looks.

In terms of surface design, there is a digital printed crepe, which translates the thermo waves on specific parts of the body - breast and belly. Also Uliana was printing on fringe and crochet it in order to get in movement the feeling the distracted sound. And due to closed printed studios she have recreated my digital print using airbrush spraying the lace on top of the silk.

Uliana’s print design based on film images from photoelectronic synthesiser and neuroscientist spectrograms and also have done her personal response to ambient sound where she have created series of moving images using the program Touch Designer. As for burlesque details she weaved and knotted a tank using recycled plastic wire. Fabric choice was inspired by vinyl, canvas and burlesque costumes.