Untitled Nine is not a fashion brand. Driven by efforts in multiple artistic fields, both traditional and modern, they work in the middle-point between fashion and art. Simultaneously frustrated by the current state of mass-production within the industry, Untitled Nine is devoted towards crafting pieces that a conventional factory is unable to produce.

The foundation of their pieces are built on vintage material, rich in character, pre-lined with features from it’s previous life, treating the material as a perfect canvas for their unique manipulation processes.

Working with the inconvenient and the unconventional, the brand implements the use of paints, coatings, washes, waxes, and power-tools normally utilized by different fields of construction and repair work, they stray far from common art-making methods

Untitled Nine has already released a range of colorful, silhouette altering pieces and a world of video and photographic campaigns that contain them, however, they embrace experimentation and unorthodox ideas with every new presentation. Untitled Nine’s core ideal is that art cannot be “manufactured”.