People use media for guidance, however, in the process of making themselves different they begin to lose themselves as they are overpowered by the norms and pressure of society. ‘PICTURE PERFECT’ is about the consolation that people find in becoming someone else. Hiding flaws just because one is not stereotypically beautiful has become the current norm of today. But "different is not bad, it is just not the same". The collection gets its inspiration from the artworks of Caroline Achaintre and Angela de la Cruz. 

The collection consists of garments that combine modern design solutions along with indigenous, traditional techniques that respond to the development goals of the United Nation for a sustainable future. Most of the fabrics for the collection are handwoven which is a source of income (as well as fair wages) for weavers in India, with highly specialised local skills. Each garment is a result of careful thought process, unconventional pattern cutting methods and garment construction that break away from the regular approach, yet when put together, a collection is created through common themes.


By incorporating recycled materials like Mulberry silk waste and reels from cassette tapes for embellishing and tufting, Uroos creates high-end sustainable clothing using unusual materials, contributing towards reducing waste which simultaneously helps in generating employment.