Valentine’s works evolve around colour and well-being. The collection is divided in two different worlds: Denim and Organza. The denim represent the physicality of the stone, the body. Valentine was sponsored by E.L.V. Denim, and was able to work only with waste. The fabric is being bleached and dyed to represent the seven stones and their unpredictable patterns.  She went through different dying processes during her experimentations. Some of them were tie and dye, wax resist, flour and oat paste resist, dip dying and arashi shibori.  To construct her garments she wanted to avoid any waste, therefore she patchworked small rectangles together to slowly build the final cloth. Valentine was inspired by the Buddhist monk’s practice of upcycling cotton rags and creating cloths following rice paddies’ structure.

The second aspect of her collection, the mind and the chakra, are represented by the organza. At first, she experimented with digital ways to translate denim properties onto organza, through sublimation printing. Looking at folding and layering to elevate the intensity of the textile. Finally, decided that colour gradations were a better way to illustrate her concept: a voyage through body and mind, a transition. To push further the layering of colour and opacity, she collaborated with the Ciment Pleaters, a pleating studio based in north London. Each colour is pleated with a different pattern.

The final aspect of Valentine’s collection resides in the combination of physical, the textile and digital, the 3D animation. She loves to merge digital and handmade processes as it makes the outcome of her work so much more unique. Valentine has a very multidisciplinary practice, therefore she likes to explore as many skills as she can in one project, the challenge is always to make everything work together as a whole. First she creates some photographic work, with a technique called light painting. Secondly, she uses her photographs as a texture for her 3D material. Finally, the magic happens when the digital animation is projected on the pleated organza.