Valeria’s collection was the result of a collision between the Sex Pistols and the American Frontier. While exploring the Wild West costumes, Valeria found the incredibly complex garments used by the original cowboys and rangers. These collided with the mocked-tailoring of the punk garments and created a row of characters that carry the heavy and old details of classic silhouettes, with a rebel touch of the punk generation.

Her design process includes the historical and visual exploration, followed by a practical development of the garments using different techniques: Either drafting the bases' patterns or starting from draping, the piece is born, and the wave of amendments and alterations begin. From the mannequin to the paper, back to the Bolduc, and back to the paper, her row gets created, and final ideas can be selected.

The materials sourcing and manipulation are not left aside. Once everything is put together, the final row begins to take shape.