The initial inspiration behind Valia’s vision was the irregular beauty of the hammock, its construction, behaviour to movement and function. The interaction of movement with light and the human body are translated into dimensional installation pieces with playful colors and intriguing handcrafted details. After vast experimentation with different materials and techniques, the final compositions consist of hand woven polyester yarns and other polyester materials which have been dyed with dye sublimation, while their core structure is the result of the wire that is woven together and incorporated as a backbone to the dimensional constructions.

The technique of weaving was then incorporated with Elin Karacagil’s print design aesthetics, which led to the formation of the collection ‘Binary Embodiment’. Apart from the technical exploration of textile manipulation processes and techniques, this collaboration is characterised by the challenging fusion of the two disciplines in a functional and creative way. The garments are considered as wearable pieces of art, due their dimensionality and intricate construction

The layering technique of long processes assigns a unique textural intricacy to each piece. The designs are preliminarily built around the body with the aim of accentuating specific physical characteristics. The fluid interaction of the fabrics with the body when in movement, constitutes the most enchanting objective for both designers. Such attention to fabric behaviour is achieved through the use of both light and heavy compartments. Fabric weight, layering as well as the backbone construction of the pieces play a significant role in achieving the desired effect.