Forever inspired by traditional craft and symbolism, Valnerina Amati is an Italian jewellery designer who seeks to create pieces that empower the wearer through meaning and shape.

Valnerina recently graduated in jewellery design from Central Saint Martins, London where she moved at the age of fifteen years old.

Valnerina started selling her jewellery through social media focusing on bespoke pieces. Her goal when making is to use recycled metals and hand carve found stones in order to give them a new life and value.

Reflecting on the concept of Original Sin, Valnerina’s collection explores the relationship between womanhood and religion. Influenced by her native Italian culture, she reflects on the power held by Eve, not as a waitress, but as the emancipator of humankind.

Her metal pieces represent the harshness of judgements passed on women since Genesis. The swirling structures symbolise the snake, whereas the hand-carved stones act as the forbidden fruit. Together, they personify Eve as both the seducer and the object of desire. For the wearer, they become an amulet.

Interpretative text by Helo Paillard.