Vee Hayward is a British fashion designer specialising in menswear, who graduated in 2019 from The University of Brighton. She initially studied illustration at university, after a year she decided to take a risk and delve into the world of fashion. The world of fashion was unknown to her, however she quickly establishes a distinctive style, bluring the line between art and fashion. As a result, her approach combines both traditional and unconventional techniques, developing pieces as abstract shapes that work in tandem with the human form.

Her collection ‘Untitled” developed her approach to finessing structure and sillhoutte. The inspiration for the collection was expansive and highly diverse. Initiating the process by working almost exclusively on the stand, she intended to focus on form, volume and the subversion of archetypal male silhouettes. Further into this study she referenced a plethora of visual sources; ranging from the impactful silhouettes of Claude Montana to the sensually swathed image of ‘The Lovers’ by Rene Magritte.