Vera Blinova’s collection was inspired by a project called SPACE X, created by Elon Musk in collaboration with NASA and the greatest scientists and engineers of all time. The aim of the project is to reduce the risk of human extinction, which was predicted by Stephen Hawking, by colonizing Mars in 2024. She explored functionality and silhouettes of Russian spacesuits, that consist of 21 layers of fabric. Layering became an important part in a language of her collection.

During her process, she focused on developing practicality through complex silhouettes of inflatable sculptures on a body inspired by functionality of air pressure in spacesuits back in 1960’s. She re-used old pool mattresses, vests and arm floats to create new surfaces and shapes with innovative welding machine, stitching and vacuum pressure. She was focused on the idea of upcycling, that lead her to collecting 120 meters of domestic pipes, covering them with spandex and weaving sculptures on a dress form.