Fragments of Matter was developed from the big concept of her pre-collection—gentrification in Taipei, where Vera I.J. Lee explores how places are containers to cultures whilst communities make space into places. The idea was carried out by combinations of modern pattern-cutting and shapes and textures of buildings from post-war era. Just like how she speaks, she couldn’t forget about humour. It is almost her signature to speak about serious issues in an attractive and funny way. What makes the debut so fresh is the success of bringing deep social issues into attention whilst having fun.

Through such collection the designer is provoking the audience to reflect on aesthetic conformity in her humour language. The collection is now out and showcasing on her website and other virtual platforms such as Grazia UK and NOT JUST A LABEL. As for the future, she is looking to devote herself towards the pathway of creative pattern cutting. Lee is now in the middle of an apprenticeship led by pattern cutter Jian Fei-Yung to push herself whilst generating new work. Creative collaborations is what she currently looking for.