Fragments of Matter was inspired by the idea of anti-urbanisation and anti-gentrification. Materiality is the DNA of a culture. It is more than an old building being torn down. She invites audiences to look beyong ‘aesthetic’ and observe the culture and history we create in our daily lives. By projecting daily objects and building styles of local Taiwanese, She celebrates the irreplaceable aesthetic that has been looked down on.

To develop from such concept, She narrowed down what objects the term ‘materiality’ represents. Elements that represent a certain ‘low-end’ look of local Taiwanese including the iconic plastic bag, the plastic chair and the calendars used for ads. With her pattern cutting skills developed in both Taiwan and Japan, Lee transformed interesting and unique shapes provided by her inspiration into wearable and flattering garments. This journey takes the longest time in the designer’s design cycle, but it is also the part she enjoys the most.

The collection was inspired by such heavy issue that lies silently in the society of Taiwan. However, Lee believes in positivity instead of accusation. Since we are all part of the reasons the world is how it is today, blaming others seems to be the easiest but the least effective action. On the other hand, the designer’s signature styles which are oversized, layers and assymmetrical are well showned in each garment subtly, which is considered wearer friendly despite gender and body types.