‘ I derive inspiration from my culture; grecian elements and classical proportions which emerge from organic structures, such as the shell or the DNA complex arrangement. Studying their three dimensional form and gaining a mathematical understanding of their volume, helps me translate my inspiration to wearable constructions by draping fabric compositions around the body. ’

The action of draping is critical in her design process. The pieces are formed in a way that allows experimentation with styling and gives the wearer the power to decide which is the front, the back, the top and the bottom of each piece.

‘ My practice involves conversation between the artificial and the organic; I aspire my pieces to feel both science-infused and accidental. The idea of antithesis influences my design practice, resulting in a hybrid mixture of body-conscious items that outline the anatomy of the body and elements that ‘escape’ from it. ’

‘ My design process turns back to drape and the composition of three dimensional structures, however materials that can influence and significantly have an impact on those structures are crucial to discover. The garments are unpredictable and bold, but the curvy movement in their form exhales sensitivity. ’