As the designer, Yun has tried to break the stereotypical method of developing a collection. Different from other young designer’s brands, the designer doesn't follow a commercial or classic route. She designs for the women who genuinely want to dress unique and artistic, but also care about the quality and tailoring of the garments. Videmus Omnia aims to reinterpret unique concepts in style, creating surreal forms through intricate cutting and combining manipulated textiles, as well as working with scientists and engineers to re-build the new Avant-garde fashion.

When it comes to production, Yun insists on creating slow fashion. She is against fast fashion and mass production. She thinks that sustainability doesn't just mean that designers have to use sustainable fabric or recycled materials, but also means the way designers do that can cut down the material waste and limit mass production. Yun sources her materials from Japan, Italy, France and USA. The companies that she works with do not require large orders. All of the show pieces from her brand are handmade in her studio in New York City, and they are one of a kind. Yun invented her own way of doing Haute Couture and artisan garments. The progress requires much longer time, but each garment is a work of art.

Yun also designs lower price point Ready To Wear garments that are made of natural fibres and intricate fine materials. The Ready to Wear garments are produced in China. She works with one factory in China that can provide make-to-order service to customers. She only produces clothes when the customers order from her. This way, she doesn’t waste any materials.