Viktoria Tisza’s collection, Splash, is a joyful collection combining the technology developed throughout the years of playing with silicone rubber and some vivid colours. The collection was showcased at New York Fashion Week at Pier59 Studios, at Bureau Seutail Showroom during London Fashion Week and at San Francisco Fashion Community Week in September, 2018.

The liquid nature of silicone rubber allows seamless pattern making as the pieces are all made through an accurate pouring and moulding process. The pieces are all handmade without including any machinery or advanced equipment. The designer is literally obsessed with the challenge of creating pieces with as less tools as possible, providing her with the freedom of creation anywhere.

Transparent, white, yellow and a little bit of black makes up the joyful colour scheme of the collection, including lots of circle patterns and circle cutouts to create a flowing visual experience.

The material is silicone rubber which is a 100% waterproof material, making the pieces easy to clean and dry, no excess detergents or machine wash is necessary, just wipe them with a wet cloth, use make-up remover for harder stains and they are ready to wear.