Vina Liliani’s femininity collection is an expression of her rejection of society’s standard of beauty on women. She took inspiration from what women wear in the 1950s and the phrase “women belong in the kitchen” and created the deconstructed and alternative version of the garments. In this collection, the designer is experimenting with PVC, spray paint, various types of metal and chains and bright colored prints; combining all those elements to re-create her own version of 50s look.

The construction on the garments in this collection starts with the classic 1950s womenswear then deconstructed and draped on the final garments (no prototypes were made in the making of this collection). The designer focuses more on exploring colors and prints in this collection. On the third picture from top left, it shows spray painting process to create plaid pattern on PVC cover-up. Next to it, is two typography prints that says “nope”, indicating her rejection on society’s beauty standard. Under the typography prints, is a collage print of a little girl in a vintage cellophane advertisement with a facial expression that represents how the designer feel about the society’s standard of beauty.

Pictures above was taken from the designer’s portfolio. In the pictures, the designer explains her design process on her collection pieces starting with simple-shaped pieces of material to the final product. The designer came up with the concept to make the section of this collection look like a magazine for ladies in the 1950s, thus explains the style of graphic in the pictures.