Vinny Lim’s collection is inspired by the idea of distorted fear and anxiety. Fear is an emotional response from our brain when a person is facing a certain situation. Since it is a response from the brain, what if the brain is sending a false signal which causes false and inaccurate responses - an emotional distortion. So is the fear you’re experiencing, a lie or the truth?

The term distortion can be related to a different kind of aspect. The terms of distortion are one of the main focus and inspiration for this collection. Distortion can also be related to reflection/mirrors, mirrors that you see in circus/carnivals. It is a curved mirror that creates a distorted silhouette of a person, portraying a change of form and shape. This idea inspired the silhouette and aesthetic of this collection, which we can see a series of asymmetrical lines, shapes and designs.


The term 'distort' also inspired the embroidery design in this collection, the idea of it is to have an image distortion that can be used as a print or embroidery. Process of it is by using the editing tool to create a distortion of an image, outlining the distorted image resulting in technicolour waves of distortion.