The outfits presented by Viola, are not part of the same collection. But they are deeply connected by a thread. Every dress has behind a research, which is always linked to architecture, art and nature. Reworking similar concepts to arrive at different creations.

The floating top and pants were made by creating panels in knitwear that were not too light but not too heavy, so theycan be supported by whale sticks and then create this shape. The outfit creates a soft movement and embraces the body lightly, the idea was born from the look towards the world today and the thought of being lighter, happier and being able to "float" in the air.
This project was born during quarantine. It is a jumpsuit consisting of a trousers and four panels that can be worn in a thousand different ways. One side of these panels is smooth while the other is covered with sparkly sequins , so that you can give the opportunity to the wearer to use the garment on several occasions. With just one garment, just one expense, you can create endless combinations of looks. Also he stretch fabric makes the suit unique size, available for all types of bodies.

This dress resumes the sumptuousness of the Nike of Samothrace. An enigmatic and majestic sculpture. The use of white means the purity and simplicity of the forms. Made by sewing cotton stripes together, so as to make the movement light despite the architectural shape.