Violette Boyer is a recently graduated Women & Mens-wear designer based in Paris, France.

Until Summer 2021, when Violette was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design and pattern making (with a Knitwear specialization) at Institut Français de la Mode, she had always been focused on how to create the future of Fashion while being inspired by our past and current society with each decades having its own problematic.

Her collections constantly explore ways to challenge what’s considered conventional such as the use of particluar fabrics depending on the garnment being made.

Using different decades as inspiration, Violette translate them to a modern collection made of allusion to its history and how she would have dressed them now.

During research Violette found out that women had to be the perfect Housewives to please the society. Nobody asked them for their consent or if they were happy. This resulted in a high level of suicide and depression. This collection has been made to translate this faked smile that Violette imagined them to have, trying constantly to be perfect which end up by making them look distrubing almost creepy.

Her collection used fabric, silhouette and colour to explore how Violette imagined her “perfectly-imperfect” housewives.