Vivian Ge is a textile designer based in both London and China.With a BA from Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, she pursued her MA in Textiles at Royal College of Art.

With passions for designing patterns and materials in both the physical and virtual worlds. Her works focus on the sensory experience conveyed by textiles, exploring how sensibility can be provoked by colour, pattern and surface.

The transition from traditional to modern society has brought with it the hard-to-confess problem of loneliness. The arrival of Covid-19 has exacerbated this as ongoing public health restrictions aggravate urban isolation and mental illness. This acute amplification of negative emotions will have lingering effects on our psyche.

So how do we connect with others, particularly if we don’t find speaking easy?

‘Here is the Garden’ project took inspiration from the role of gardens as a healing space and barrier. The work patrols the space between people, conducting an investigation into closeness and distance, intimacy and estrangement. The origin of the word ‘Garden’ comes from the Middle English, gardyn, and the high German, gart, meaning “eaBut alongside the cultural hallmarks of innocence, tranquillity and beauty, the garden is also a place for pleasure and protection. Vivian’s intention is to bring the garden outside inside and to cultivate a space for collective healing in the city— a tactile and visual garden, as the artistic and poetic resistance of life to the fragmentation of society and the rigidity of science and technology.