Vivian Yeh, just finished graduate diploma in Jewellery and Related Products at Birmingham School of Jewellery this year. Vivian work is inspired by the vitality of life – exploring themes of what it is to be alive in both a physical and spiritual essence.

Vivian strives to create objects from this ethos in a reasoned progressive way stemming from research on the fundamentals of the human condition and our basic needs. In this way, Vivian’s jewellery and designs embody a strong connection to deeper, more insightful subject matter than that of purely aesthetics.

The exploration of a wide range of materials is an important factor in the expression of Vivian’s ideas and work. Playing with new and unusual materials is an essential part of this. While using a variety of materials and processes for each project the methodology is consistent. The materials Vivian decided to use and the manner/form they present them have a direct link to the subjects raised within Vivian’s work.

Using Vivian’s ethos and these varied procedures Vivian strived to achieve a complete and mature methodology within the work resulting in pieces that are not always delicate but have a considered and thoughtful narrative.