Vols & Original’s inspiration comes from the desire of two souls sharing their passion for fashion, art and music with the world. Vols & Original founders Bart and Natalia, combine their backgrounds in music and fashion marketing to create a strong and edgy brand. Bespoke tailoring along with the duo’s passion for music and craftsmanship, are the core identities of the brand.

At the core of Vols & Original, is an inseparable design process where creation and music blend to shape the mood and rhythm of every piece.

To ensure the bespoke, tailored jackets and coats reflect the quality and essence of the brand, there is a focus on strong leather materials, such as Roma Classico, Suede and Selmara. As well as leather, Vols & Original incorporate a range of natural and synthetic fibres including; Alpaca, cashmere, silk, viscose and elastane.

Vols & Original is all about detail. To ensure a an attention to detail, they only use the the highest quality Italian-Swiss finishings. RIRI zippers is the brand must-have, synonym and guarantee of perfection. Since 1936, it has been the undisputed leader in the production of plastic and metal zippers. Another finishing used is Cobrax, the most renowned Italian brand that creates buttons and rivets. Cobrax reflects our four fundamental principles: innovation, quality, beauty and originality.