For autumn winter 2019, the designer sets about re-creating the feeling of life with distance, a continuous narrative stemmed from ‘A Talking Picture’ Collection. This collection explored on a beauty of folding and wrapping fabric of a curtain. Effortlessly contrasting the light wave and strong fluid silhouettes, it depicts an ease of movement thourgh a liquid sculpture. Behind this fascinating shape, one can find the similarty with the hanging of clothes, which in its turn is the core idea of the collection.

Voranida is meticulous in sculpting shapes, this season the brand sets itself the unlikely challenge to use comfortable tech from Nylon. Creating a desirable and cooler touch on the skin by juxtapositioning it with cotton, a so-called modern and masculine fabric. A series of twisting sleeve dresses are introduced in salmon pink and sand skin, as well as dropping asymmetrical shapes that have become an essential part of a women’s wardrobe. The detailed finishing of the oversized draped coat in handsome earth tones uncovers the statement piece for this fall.