VU TA LINH’s fashion brand was heavily inspired by Vietnamese culture & heritage. Nostalgia Vietnamese women, dressed in traditional costumes, ethnical details, combined with modern forms, shapes to create designs exploring culture and tradition.

During the process of combining traditional costumes with modern shapes, Linh developed his designs by merging different fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool blend,... with old materials from used clothes, representing new textures of fabric. For his collections, Linh designed and focused on hand-craft, used hand-stitching, reduced using machines to create his own sustainable fashion without technologies. By incorporating traditional Vietnamese clothing Linh merges East with West by showcasing modern details or accessories such as bucket hat, sneakers, boots, sunglasses... he has successfully removed the boundary between contemporary and traditional wear.

Vu Ta Linh's collections have a unified theme, yet each design tells a unique story and defines about new beauty in fashion by a different recombination of friendly recycled materials, faded colours, effortless pattern cutting and finishing. The products demonstrate the impression of the fusion, between contemporary civilisation and eastern legacy.