WANG HE YI - W. H. Y aims to become a sustainable fashion luxury brand with its fabric-oriented design process. It centres its designs around ancient Chinese philosophy - Taoism. Since Taoism is such a pearl of fundamental and profound wisdom in Chinese history, the scope of its ideas and concepts covers many truths of the universe. To revive this ancient wisdom, modern avant-garde aesthetics are employed to explain and demonstrate the unfamiliar eastern philosophy in an analogical approach. 

Wang He Yi graduated from Istituto Marangoni London with a master degree in fashion design womenswear. She specializes in unrestrained concept development and exaggerated theatrical design generation, and realization of the designs with creative pattern making. 

In October, Wang He Yi and her business partner Deya Banerjee are going to south India to source their 100% biodegradable lyocell fabric mills. And start from the custom fabrics that are ethically and sustainably made, Wang He Yi and Deya Banerjee will manage an eco-friendly luxury fashion brand together with the guidance of Taoism.