Based on the characteristics produced in the preceding sections that possess sonic wave, the possible applications are: A series of six womenswear in Circular and Auxetic style demonstrating how a sound is conveyed across the air through the sound wave of patterns or knitted in a contrasting color allowing an inner waveform to form.

The Sonic collection is a project of using textile technology in the design of knitwear. Presenting the design mainly by way of sculpture. I'll design a series of six knitted looks for this project, which combined an aspect of textile manufacturing with sculpture. My series takes influence from the sound diffusion image. This is expressed by the Digital concept gradients around the circular form. After the project introduction, I used the reading list with links to begin research into color as a non-verbal communication the language of color and started to jot down designers and artists’ works that relate to this. The color wheel helps visualize the relationship between colors, and how they were made.

High-quality yarns from UPW Limited were selected as the main material of the collection for both 7-gage and 14-gage knitting although few cotton woven fabrics were also used and according to design. In addition, super coarse yarn made with cashmere and merino wool respectively was chosen for crochet knitting.

With both the limited selection of knitting machine-accessible at school, restrictions are placed on the outfit 's ultimate design. It is doubtful that a super chunky and lightweight system that needed 3 to 5 gauge knitting machine would be obtained with those of 7, 12 or 14 gauge. Since the unreliable machines, content usage was as limited as yarn could be picked in terms of compliance with the tool. Also, because of the Coronavirus was serious in Hong Kong the dyeing workshop wasn’t available causing my dyeing design wasn’t able to finish on time. Duo to the colour used for dye isn’t easy to get with during the Coronavirus period. Instead, coarser machine knitting may be supplemented by hand knitting, given the fact that machine knitting takes fewer processing time and provides a more consistent outcome. Also, this project concentrated primarily on demonstrating how shape, color and design will render sounds wave into fashion. Unlike painting, though, there are various elements to use for textile and apparel. More fascinating and creative concept could be listed and developed, the effects may be surprising with the usage of more materials on cloth or different techniques.