Weinan Pan seeks to offer self-awareness and empowerment, authenticity and self-identification to the wearer via her contemporary jewellery collection, ‘Nomadic Princess’, or called ‘Nomadic Tara’.
According to Buddhism, (Green) Tara was a princess before her enlightenment. Thus, ‘Nomadic Princess’ is not a princess in a castle, but a roaming free soul self-empowered with wisdom.

Inspired by an experiential research process and seeking to understand the inner life of her muse, Weinan climbed the Himalayas, drew in the cold from the sparkle of Tibetan ice stupas and trekked through the snows in the Scottish Highlands. All the time reflecting on the Nomadic lifestyle where only daily necessities can be carried with you and the wearing of extravagant jewellery is what allows one to create one’s identity.
Weinan is also interested in the micro surface details that presenting the processes of nature transformations such as: acid erosion, weathering, oxidization… as well as the relationships and interactions between different objects, such as symbiosis. Therefore, Her jewellery has irregular textured finishes which can go with scratches and marks created by the wearers.



Firmly believing in environmental and social contribution, Pan uses only recycled silver, recycled or fairtrade gold and ethically sourced gemstones. This collection is for the modern-day nomads, creative people who enjoy wearing statement fine jewellery.

Recycled silver has been treated with heat, oxidisation, patination and other goldsmithing techniques for textured and coloured finishes, which will continue to change with time and with wear.