The brand “WENLEI” was founded in 2022, it conveys the vast will of gathering small streams into a sea of rivers.

The original intention was to explore the millennium eastern culture and inject fresh blood into the intangible cultural heritage with western silhouette. The logo is a combination of W and L morphing into a mountain in Chinese, showing the firm will of the brand.

The designer WENWEN LEI was born in Chengdu, China, and has Yi blood. She graduated from New York FIT with MFA degree, and is committed to combining diverse new elements with tradition to create a futuristic national brand.

Her graduation designs were reported and praised by domestic and international media and participated in New York Fashion Week X CFDA online exhibition. Her work has also been reported and published by top fashion magazines IGranary.

Moreover, her work has been borrowed by the famous American drama crew Gossip Girl for shooting. Furthermore, she also served as the designer of Yi embroidery opening show of Beijing Fashion Week.