Wenyin Jiang is a jewellery designer and gemologist based between London and Shanghai. Previously an economist, she is trained as a logical thinker.

During her studies at Central Saint Martins, she found the answer to construct her contemporary ode emotionally and rationally by incorporating electronic components, metal, glass, as well as sound art and gemstone into a wearable art collection she calls "Nibiru."

"The Anunnaki lived on the planet Nibiru which collided catastrophically with Tiamat, located between Mars and Jupiter. Tiamat split in two, on a second pass, Nibiru struck one part, which became the asteroid belt. The other part was pushed into a new orbit, became the Earth."

Nibiru swings by our Earth every 3,600 years giving the Anunnaki their only chance to communicate across the vast distances with specific devices which are exhibited in this collection. Put them on. Do you hear the messages from the Anunnaki?

Nibiru is a collection of interactive jewellery embedded with both physical and electronic sounds to generate a new jewellery aesthetic identity which stimulates wearers' multisensory and sound perceptions.