Winnie Yeung is a Knitted Textiles designer based in London and graduated from RCA MA textile design. Winnie Yeung is known for her innovative and intuitive combination of material, texture, and colour. She is passionate about knitting, working with both hand and machine processes. Her inspiration comes from her appreciation of everyday life, everything she sees, touches and does.

Winnie creates free-form garment pieces and her final collection is based on the concept of ‘Growing.’

“I use the knitting machine as my drawing tool, and the different kind of yarn as the pigment,” she explains. “I see innovation as one of the most important features in my designs and the combination of different materials, textures and colour opens a newer and a wider domain for my design.”


Innovating by combining various colours, textures of yarns and by manipulating the machine and craft-making progress, a new vision of making garments is created.

By Winnie Yeung