Winnie Zhu is a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design, majoring in Fashion Design and minoring in Communication Design. Winnie was born in Vancouver, Canada and raised in Beijing, China. As Winnie grew up in a multi-cultural environment, she gradually began to develop insights and interests in both the Traditional Chinese culture and the Western culture. Winnie has a strong passion for the Arts & Design, and had especially been intrigued by Fashion Design.

During the few years of study in which Winnie has pursued Fashion Design as a major, she has boosted her creativity and open-mindedness, as well as enhanced her abilities as a designer. Winnie has a deep affection for science-fictional movies, in particular the cyberpunk sub-genre. Many of Winnie’s designs are inspired by the idea of futurism and modernism, she is also interested in designing so that technology and fashion could be merged into one.