Shur Ruitz says relax. Inundated by the fast pace of modern society, Ruizi Shi has gone back to ancient philosophy to find peace and tranquility, two ideals that run her everyday life and work ethic. Throughout her tranquil journey, she has come to realise that “the heart does not need to be enriched through flashy things”, a mantra that is evident through her simplistic designs.

Balance also runs through Ruizi’s day-to-day life, a synthesis of work and leisure; she allocates her time capturing inspirational moments through collaging and drawing and reading books in her downtime. An old soul, she removes herself from the hustle and bustle of city life by finding solace in visiting temples which has quickly become one of her favourite pastimes.

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The eponymous brand, tiantian, solidified its place in fashion early when they received the ASOS LTD100 award in 2009 and getting praise from fashion’s harshest critics, Susie Bubble and Markus Lupfer. Heralded for her keen eye for digital prints, she takes inspiration from nature and uses motifs of landscapes and flowers to amplify her refined tailoring.

On designing clothes, Tian’s philosophy is as follows: “for every first-class design and product, much time is needed to be spent on their creation”. Turning her back on the need for speed to vie for a spot amongst fast fashion’s competitors, Tian’s unwavering practice has proved true the old adage: slow and steady wins the race.

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