WOOD GASCOYNE is an artist whose practice explores the relationship between the individual and the changing dynamic of society. Resisting artistic categorisation, she works in a number of mediums, including fashion, illustration and ceramic design. Recently graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Fashion Design and Marketing, her final collection entitled ‘Hezekiah: The Demise of Reality’, merges academic and Biblical thought regarding publicity, self-glorification via social media and their impact on reality. Using fabric as a canvas, each print is hand-drawn onto sustainably sourced fabrication, either vintage in nature or saved from landfill by the artist. In collaboration with Adam Jafferji Ceramics, a small range of ceramic art pieces and jewellery all bearing the same hand-drawn motifs, were designed to communicate the same theme.

Writing of her graduate collection: ‘It is an amalgamation of fractured ‘objects of reality’ – represented by a dinner set, cushions, domestic fabrics – bed sheets, tablecloths – and work-wear worn by those of whom labour to keep us fed and clothed… All have been tenuously, and at times forcefully, pieced together to create a dual feeling of fragility and substantiality suspended in a day-dream of uneasiness, and held together by elements of religious dress which stand as a rebuke to the modern day broken subculture of the self-glorifier.’