Yana Myronova collection is about heritage, her roots and personal background, mad modernity. it is about challenges inside and outside of she, reflecting her history and creating the future. It is her past and wanting to break apart from this past somehow that has determined her to want to create something new.

“Future is looking for something new”

There are always changes in her head, every minute she see different possibilities. The collection is the starting point of her research of what the future can be, She has tried to focus on the future where everything is possible.

It is associated in her brain with the colour white, similar to the possibilities of a white page. Curves and ruffles create a new movement, pleats and flounces in bow and petal shapes with some sharp corners come out as if the heavy voluminous past would develop carefully into new pieces. She see each person has this beautiful ”inside garden” and she believe it is just our brain has to liberate it from the from the inside, letting fear and shift on into dreams coming true.

Other inspiration is taken from the connection between her and her mom. A person who gives her life, the spirit of believing in herself and energy to shift on each day.

The use of double face fabric and ribbons connecting the two different fabrics represents their two lives and the fact that one is a part of another. They have the same roots but they are totally different. One is free and open while other stops in the past.

Ethereal inspired veins, roots and cutouts of the different textures express the explosion, the birth and the discovery of her new self.