Yashana Malhotra’s graduate collections works with the idea of continually morphind the body using mirrors. These moving parts allow the body to undulate and move across its sewn boundaries.

Malhotra’s rational sets out her aims and desires for the project, as well as proposing its concept. The rational falls as a backdrop to her thinking.

Malhotra finds her most natural way to design is to feed of works such as her paintings, and reactive illustrations. The process involves dwelling straight into 3D stand/body work and then using forms of collaging. The colours, textures, and depth of the garment is then decided by the corresponding painting. Each element feeding into the other.

Above is an illustration that gives you the emotive language of the piece. strong poignant shapes are held at the shoulder, while the wavy chalk lines on top suggest use of a textile technique, In her case, hand done smocking. The secondary head belongs there to suggest reflection.