Yasmine Belhassan's story has two sides, her ethnicity is split between Moroccan & English. Finding the right balance between these two cultures has been an ongoing part of her life. In her research she explores a variety of primary and secondary resources such as old family photo-graphs that date back to great grand parents as well as exploring the differences of traditions & rituals.

'The world is full of narrow minded people that see cultural differences as a conflict of interest, as someone that has has experienced two completely different sides of the cultural spectrum, I believe if more people were willing to expose themselves to other cultures that they are not familiar with, we would have a lot more peace in the world.' - Yasmine Belhassan, 2020.

Each garment in the collection contains elements of Morocco & England. Combining traditional aspects such as: modest Moroccan silhouettes & English tailoring details. Each outfit was designed with embellishment in mind such as unique digital embroidery patterns & real pearl & marble gemstones to add a touch of luxury.