Yebin Maeng draws something vague but has strong impression, normally a story she imagined or her personal memories for a concept. Following her pre-collection 2019 ‘The diary/ies’, where she described her imagined muse who was one of the twin spies, her final collection ‘Chapter 2. The Workbook’ was focused on the spies’ missions. The final goals of the missions were not revealed, however, the rules, process, and indications were secretly portrayed in her final collection.  

What she wanted to convey with her final garments were the appearances of the spies during two secret missions. There were military uniforms, trainwoman’s uniform, daywear, and party wear as garment references according to the missions, and button in a wrong position, pocket bags pulled out, and changing clothes as secret communications. She transfered the secret communications to some small and clever details within wearable designs as her imagined spies were quiet and indistinguishable in the crowd of people with an elaborate plan in mind.

The collection is visualised with her narrative portfolio from the begining; Most secret missions to design development with each situation and indication of missions. She also designed her own prints which represented the spies’ secret notes. Each look is linked to the narrated story line and designed with diverse functions that might be useful for spy’s job.