Yehua took primary inspiration from three elements: Rococo, Marie Antoinette and Crinoline. His collection mainly consists of oversized black suits, ruffled see-through blouses and white crinolines. Most importantly, he considers crinoline to be crucial in his collection for its resemblance with a birdcage, a symbol of limitation on absolute freedom. His collection had a focal point: the total self-liberation from negative feelings or opinions that people had on him, and the need to be sociable in order to blend in with the rest of the society. At first, the disrespectful attitudes received from many others had made Yehua feel slightly uneasy, and maybe even marginally upsetting.

However, he chose not to surrender to those prejudices, and soon he felt considerably more complacent than before. What helped him overcoming the emotional challenge was being deeply immersed on creating a graduate collection. Upon the completion of his first collection, he realised an important life lesson: he needs only to focus on the people who has the ability to show love and support. Yehua's entire collection, is a physical reflection of the spiritual journey he personally went through in order to reach inner mental state of emotional equilibrium.

His project, the ‘Silent World’, explores not only the muteness in the external world, but also the loneliness that prevails in most individuals, a mental state that cannot be explicitly described. His project makes a bold statement: that the sense of solitude, or even further vulnerability, are stronger when it comes to drawing in attention from the crowd.

Yehua became fascinated by the beau of the Rococo era, from which he took as an inspiration for his collection. Combined with the concept of ‘Less is more’, he extracted only the essential design elements from Rococo's art works to be used for the collection.

As he was developing the design, he took advantage of the weaving technique in order to create the diamond shaped fabric. With the use of hemp, he created unique silhouette that has been rarely witnessed in other clothing. Moreover, he intensively experimented with various material, to arrive at the design of the perfectly shaped crinoline skirt.