Yeonghun Noh is a London based Fashion Accessory Designer studying at Ravensbourne University and will graduate in 2020. His diverse range of eastern and western cultural experiences makes his work stronger. He specialises in using graphics and colours together into his work. His motivation and ideas come from daily life of what he sees and feels.

Refined arrangement, deconstruct and re-construct are key words to describe the concept of the brief. To give brief summary of project, Material Driven introduced 1 material maker, Shahar Livne, and develop a capsule collection related to her material.

Sharhar Livne made a new material like stone textured with mixture of used plastics, rocks and dusts. The whole concept for her material is about sustainability and eco-friendliness, therefore, Yeonghun decided to use jesmonite in relation to her material. Jesmonite also has hard/ stone texture, but is eco-friendly as well.

The idea from Shahar Livne, the use of plastic, reminded Yeonghun of ocean pollution. Through the research, ocean animals are mostly killed by plastic, and endangered animals like seahorse are already losing their habitat. In addition, plastics are used the most by fast-food brands, such as Mcdonald’s, BurgerKing, Starbucks, Dominos, Coca Cola and Pepsi. Beside them, not only fast-food brands were affecting ocean pollution, but also a lot of fashion brands were polluting ocean by colouring denims.

As he needed to create two small accessories and one statement piece, he wanted to give a message to people by wearing them. One of the most effective way to tell people how serious ocean pollution is by use of the heavy weight of jesmonite. In this way, he created a chain and ear-cuffs fully made of jesmonite and printed some illustrations of seahorse with fossil textured laser etches. For the show piece, he made a long bag made out of used jeans and jesmonite panels.

All items are quite heavy as he wanted people to feel how ocean pollution is serious.