Collection Concept

Rituals of Self Healing is a fashion collection portraying the process of self-healing in mental health. After exploring different ways of self-recovery through material studies, I am proposing three "rituals" of healing through textile elements. My initial inspirations derive from a Japanese practice, Kintsugi, which celebrates the beauty in scars and imperfections. Then, I researched modern ways of self-healing and interviewed a psychiatrist for advice on crafting as a healing method. At last, I combined my research and innovated "healing" textiles with the usage of physical healing materials in the current health industry. My research and designs was a self-healing journey itself where the idea of juxtaposing vulnerability and comfort on clothing is an embracement of the highs and lows in self-growth. This collection delivers personal philosophy, scientific proof, and creative expression.

The collection raises awareness of self-possession and self-resilience. Its second role is serving as a company similar to a note-to-self or a hug from a friend.

Silhouette Design Process

My aim is creating protective and supportive silhouettes to echo the ideal of healing. Cocoon shapes are used to create personal space for the wearer, whereas tight and supportive structures provide security and comfort. All together they are mimicking the act of breathing: inhaling and exhaling, hold in and release. The collection is a balance of both.