Capturing Nature is an accessory collection made from biomaterial, agar. As a designer who reflects on the way we produce faux flowers for fashion decoration nowadays, I question why the desire to bring nature into our life ended up with bringing more petrochemicals to our surroundings. The domination of plastics as the main materials for artificial plants has been an unwanted and ironic truth for a true nature pursuer.

I delved deeply into materials research involving agar and the upcycling of waste materials. With an eye on sustainability and a desire to impact the world through materials innovation, I innovated a faux flower making system with biomaterial agar and 3D printing technology for fashion embellishing. While I experimented and perfected the material development with agar as the primary polymer and repurposed food waste to produce dyes (to color the agar), I also created different methods to produce agar yarn, agar fabric and agar embellishments, and demonstrated several new systems for making modular textiles that could be fashioned into garments and accessories.

The highlight all these agar textiles is that they are completely biodegradable and will not harm the environment- neither in their production process, nor in their disposal. I resolve to innovate, co-create, consume, recycle, repurpose and discard textiles with awareness, and find the perfect balance that underlies nature’s creations. My mission is to provide a more natural alternative, but affordable, for friends who need a touch of long-lasting and easy-to-care joyful plants.