“As designer from literature back ground : fashion, for me, is a language.”

“As a calligrapher and a designer : how I complete a garment is how I complete a character.”

Yi-Ting Lee is a fashion designer based in New York. Born in January 1993 Taipei, Taiwan.Studied in Chinese literature in B.A., her design inspiration often comes from spirits of a culture and the philosophy from literature. Fashion becomes her language to tell the story in modern way and garments, accessories are her characters. 

After two years of studies in FIT MFA, she found the way to apply her aesthetic in fashion work by making systems. As a calligrapher, what she saw in calligraphy art pieces: the contrast of characters’ sizes, the colour proportion, the line-qualities and the structures of a character. All of her observations have been reflected on the silhouette, the texture, the proportion, the details of her garment and the rhythm of her collection.