Body Memory is formed from the hypothesis that the body itself is capable of storing memories, as opposed to only the brain. The recollections that our body stores are not always ones that we are consciously aware of, such as sounds, smells, touches and so on. These unconscious memories are imprinted all over our bodies on a cellular level. Therefore it is the cells that store information of our experiences, habits, and sensations. Things like skin, muscles and nerves all accumulate these details as they actively engage in our daily lives. For example, when people shake hands the temperature of skin, strength of grip and eye contact are all small results that contribute to our memories.

Based on this hypothesis and additional inspiration through observation and categorisation of social issues, Yi Zhou made a series of customised cast models from body parts and transformed them into accessories. These include fingers, ears, lips, nipples and many more.

She then decorated the artistic manifestations according to the specific parts to create an unconventional eccentric style. For example, the ‘Thumb’ pendant wears red nail polish, the ‘Teeth’ pendant contains a single golden tooth and the ‘Ear’ brooch has an ear stud.