Yi Zhou
The Beijinger

Pieces of You: Yi Zhou's Body Memorabilia

Beijing is a transient place. You meet people of all shapes and sizes from around the world and then inevitably say goodbye forever. Why not keep a piece of these special acquaintances without literally amputating your favorite parts and horribly disfiguring your close friends? This this is exactly the service Yi Zhou and her Body Memory project provides.

As the business men can never go wrong in black suit and white shirt combination, why can’t women do the same? Black pants and a white blouse every day seems like a big shift, but just think about it. Warn against making ourselves much unnecessary stress and discomfort. In addition, increasing the chance to arrive on time and with confidence in the office.

Maybe this would give us time for breakfast. We have seven or eight smooth white blouses and five or six black bottoms that you can make colourful with accessories, jewellery, shoes and bags. It’s the beginning of the year so now is the time to give this kind of lifestyle change a chance.

You can contact Yi Zhou through email, and she will set you up with an appointment at an appropriate venue. She will arrive acting doctorly, wearing operating room scrubs, a stethoscope, possibly a small flock of nurses, and even one of those fancy business banners to portray that special aura of authenticity.

Start off the pseudo-surgical procedure by filling out a small form of your ailment or essentially what body part it is that you would like copied. She then provides a little consultation about pricing. Almost everything Yi Zhou does is RMB 450, yet larger body parts might cost you a little more. She begins the “surgical” procedure by covering your finger, foot, ear, or bellybutton in alginate, a casting material often used by dentists to create dental impressions. After a few minutes, this material dries up and is covered with a plaster bandage. Once the bandages dry and harden, the mold is removed and ready to be filled with plaster. It takes about a week to create the final product, which she will then deliver to you.

She is really professional and cute about the whole process, treating you like a patient and playing the part of a caregiver doing her best to fix you up. She will cast almost anything including your foot, finger, hand, bellybutton, ear, or even nipple if you really want to get your point across. I’m not sure if Yi Zhou has ever done the rock n roll style genital cast made famous by the band groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster, but cast the right price and anything could happen.