With a keen eye for fashion jewellery, Yihan Lou is a recently graduated Fashion Jewellery designer from London College of Fashion based in London.

Close to our life and connecting with the wearer through a peaceful, relieved, and comfortable feel is her design purpose. She is making jewellery/artefact that can reflect the phenomenon of life. The idea of Landing project is to give the tired people a visual and physical effect of reliving.

Inspired by the office, the street, the construction site and other living areas in a hurry and a single crowd, she created some dreamlands for hard working people that could rest and sleep in the same place like enjoying holiday. Perhaps in their subconscious dreams, they are there, re integrating into the natural scenery.

She deep researched lifestyle of office worker, and the ergonomics of a comfortable angle when we are sitting in office. Then she further developed the design that was based on the human body structure, and to innovate on the shape of foot and back wearing. She chose wood as the main material referred back to her research of nature.