My work relies heavily on my original illustrations and imaginations. Each illustration is merely a story, and they usually state the narrative happen within a piece of jewellery. I love creating characters and story since I was a child. In this project I have created a set of characters that are present throughout the collection, enabling the narrative expressed in the pieces to feel simultaneously personal and also universal.

I was particularly inspired by old or antique paintings and murals, the postures of individuals are a bit naive compared to realistic paintings but that is where it attracts me. As a human being born with curiosity we often wonder about everything around us. I always love looking up to the sky and star-gazing since I was younger. For me, astronomy is the exploration to the universe, the universe is actually everything that exists.The dark sky always leaves us with endless curiosity, imagination and expectation,Is that that encourages us, leads us to a new level of discovery and success.

I want to tell the viewer through my jewellery, that it is important to stay curious, that childhood curiosity lives in everyone’s heart and should not be hidden as you grow older. It is my sincere desire to be able to create jewellery that not only has aesthetic value, but is also sentimental as I wish all my pieces to have a unique story and place within their owner’s heart. Providing the wearer with a unique feeling is what will set my work apart from the rest.