Yilan Liu is a Chinese jewellery designer graduated from Central Saint Martins in MA Jewellery. Her collection aims to discuss the potential of emotional experience between wearers and jewellery pieces using demi-fine contemporary jewellery as the vehicle.

With accelerating urbanisation, the rise of younger, self-determined and aware urban independent women is stimulating the growing demand for emotional experience derived from jewellery. In the Ataraxia collection, Liu engages in the relationship between wearers and their jewellery pieces through the lens of historical European architecture.

Inspired by Gothic architectural interiors,the project encapsulates the sublime internal atmospheres, exploring and skilfully exploiting Gothic structural details to stimulate the particular feelings familiar to this genre. Liu has used synthetic gemstones, regarded as a lower eco-imprint material, cutting them into unusually flat surfaces to allow their colours to cast intensely toned lights onto the skin. Contemplative self-exploration and meditation are encouraged by the project,the jewellery acts as a media to provoke unique individual experience through playful interaction between the design and wearer.