Make Man Up is a series of design provocations intended to explore how our identities are continually being shaped through our interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology.

Chapter 1 I See You - Understanding As the first attempt to interpret human cognition, chapter 1 sets the focus on human appearance. It traces back the history of makeup. By designing a series of makeups that will exist only in the cyberspace Metaverse. Researching how AI understands the world, by analyzing the designer’s face and collecting the data, the research started with the exploration of our perceptions of one's appearance affected by technology. To explore the meaning of makeup in the digital space.

Chapter 2 Talk to Me-Learning In the second stage, designers began to design an AI avatar online chat room. Try to give the virtual AI the ability to learn and think by itself, train the algorithm through constant communication with her, and gradually let the virtual self have a personality. Language is data. The machine is medium.

It is an A. I generated conversation happened between the physical self and digital self. This showcases an ongoing process of self-digitalization, which starts with creating a digital self and having a conversation about identity with ‘her’. It aims to provoke people to think about their identity being shaped through the process.

Chapter 3 I Am Thou. Decision Making At the end of the project, the designer needs to present the ultimate visual story, that is, how to visually express the AI algorithm learning process through the plot form of the story, which will become the focus of the next design. Through discussions with Prof. Edward Schiappa on semantics and text, the principles of narrative and the methodology of storytelling are clarified. Thus chapter 3 is a practice of answering the question from the perspective of AI. It set the premise of AI has a desire that wants to become human. What if digital DNA combines with Digital Brain and Digital heart? The living individual being generated has reached a new status of life already? After AI tries on human mimic tools, is it ‘human’ already?