one piece tailoring that is combine two types of patterns for cutting. the point is that this kind of cutting can be Conversion which is a combination of jacket and shirt blocks which is can be wears in two ways, wearing a shirt or jacket on either side. This creates a wrap connection, which reflects the concept of distance

Combined printing to the pattern is main design methodology. This method needs to consider that how to make a reasonable connection between the two garments. The pattern of dot will be combined with the fabric through digital printing. It is necessary to think about the Problems when shirts and jackets can wrap each other and the overlapping part in the garment. The whole pattern design method can make the pattern more complete

Use this version to reflect the"distance between people and to think about"who I am"and "What is the meaning of existence in the world by Ying research. The answer got from the design pattern through reflection is that Ying looking for someone similar to her life, this can be herself or someone else.This is why she transforming and mixing the patterns

The hat pattern cutting is shown in the figure, whose outline, detail, material and hat shell size are adjusted in different stage after pattern cutting development. This design version is composed by several annulus around the hat shell which looks exaggerated and peculiar just like the shape of satan which is style highlights more conceptualisation. However, the final product displayed in final stage reduces many unnecessary decorations and fits well with men with a sense of commercialisation Though the design looks simplified, the production is more challenging. Thus, the actual time and materials for those ten hats are of great cost value. The shape of the hat was finished, the material of the hat is also an important part. Main designs are printing and knitting.