Ying Yang (Y-Y) is a New York-based womenswear brand, established in 2019. Ying believes that as a designer, she is not just designing clothes, but sharing stories. After her previous experience several fashion labels, she wanted to launch her own label to translate her stories into modern fashion pieces.

The designer is based in New York, after graduating from Pratt Institute. Ying Yang was originally born in China and, moved to the U.S, New York City at the age of 13. After her graduation, she worked for Vera Wang, Jill Stuart, and Title of Work, eventually launching her own eponymous label Ying Yang in 2019.

After studying fine art from an early age, it shaped her abstract vision of the world. Ying loved to explore the unexpected possibility, bold and vibrant colour schemes, textiles, and patterns. Each Y-Y collection focuses on innovative textile, bold colours, and attention to detail with artistic originality. Inspiration is drawn from real stories, contemporary art, and youth culture.

Ying's unique textile and approach make her stand out from others. She was selected for the Pratt graduate fashion show and CFDA Fashion Future Graduate exhibition, while her sustainability project was chosen for the Fashion + Sustainability: "Waste Not, Want Not" Exhibition.