Waterside boy AW18- The collection draws inspiration from a street hawker who carries all kinds of goods on his body, convincing car riders to buy from him. The collection captures her environment and lifestyle.

There is an interesting use of text, proportions, shapes and fabrication. There is a mix of unusual garment fabrics such as tech net fabric, plastic fabric and hessian. Cotton, linen and woven fabrics are used to represent both the hardship and casual appearance of Waterside boy.

The green oversized tech-net coat references mosquito nets in Nigeria, large woven fabric with uneven stripes references black and white pavements found on Nigerian high ways and motor ways where Waterside boy finds himself mostly.

"This house is not for sale beware of 419"

Waterside boy is familiar with this text, It is a common text found mostly on buildings and fences in low income areas in Nigeria. 419 is a criminal code. Yingi has captured the public notice by using screen print and embroidery unto the garments. Oversized shirts, trousers and dungarees represent silhouettes of street hawkers who purchase clothing 2-3 times their size. The idea behind this purchasing habit is so that they do not have to purchase garments every year.

The collection has been a journey for Yingi, and waterside boy. She wanted to let people in Nigeria and the rest of the world know that there are stories to tell and skills to develop. She believes that African fashion is more than just African prints, lace and heavy jewellery. There are events, lifestyle and so on currently happening within the environment that need to be documented and shared in so many ways.